Introducing: Show & Tell

September 20, 2022 posted by: joreg

Dear renderers!

We know that you’re patching on crazy things all day. Only hardly anyone gets to see those. What if it was just the press-of-a-shortcut away to share a screenshot of your current renderings with the world? Try Show & Tell:

Available in latest vvvv gamma previews, it can be invoked via Ctrl + 3 and allows you to quickly share a screenshot plus a short text. When open, Show & Tell intercepts any screenshot you make. Use either:

  • Win + Shift + S: The default windows shortcut to take a screenshot
  • Ctrl + 2: Works on Skia and Stride windows

Screenshots augmented with a description can then be posted to a shiny common madewithvvvv account that will collect all the renderings anyone shares:

Custom Accounts

Alternatively you can configure Show & Tell to post to one of your own Pixelfed or Mastodon accounts and thus build a beautiful portfolio of only your vvvvorks over time.

For details on how to add custom accounts, see the documentation.

What the Pixelfed and Mastodon!?

Pixelfed and Mastodon are part of the larger Fediverse, a federation of decentralized social networks. In contrast to the more well-known legacy walled-gardens, those work more like e-mail: Anyone can run their own instance of a Pixelfed or Mastodon server and still communicate with anyone else, because the fediverse shares a common communications protocol: ActivityPub. No ads, no tracking, no blockchain, no crypto. Just a simple way to share images and text over the internet.


Like the idea? Using the VL.IO.Mastonet NuGet you can easily build your own programs that read/write from/to Mastodon or Pixelfed accounts.

So please go ahead and share your sketches, failures and even shiny polished projects and let us create a wonderful gallery of vvvvorks together.

Happy rendering!




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