Introducing: VIOSO Projector Warping and Blending

July 20, 2022 posted by: joreg

Dear projectionists!

As part of our larger projection mapping initiative here’s a first release which will be a massive timesaver for you:

Scenario: You’re working on a non-trivial projection setup including multiple overlapping projections on a non-flat screen. You find it a hassle to make all the projections map and blend correctly. You do it once and then, the next day, a projector or the screen was moved slightly. You’re not amused. But still, you do the whole thing again…

The good news: There are thirdparty tools that let you automate large parts of that workflow. After initial setup, it requires just one click to re-calibrate your projections.


Our partner VIOSO is a pioneer in the field of autocalibration and thanks to their great support it was a breeze for us to implement their solution for you.

With VL.VIOSOWarpBlend we provide a library that let’s you apply calibrations created using VIOSO Integrate with just a few clicks.

And you can test it yourself right away:

All you then need is at least one projector (it is more fun with multiple of course) and a camera (even a webcam is enough for testing).

For simply mapping textures onto a screen, a 2d calibration as demonstrated in the following video, is sufficient:

If instead of a flat texture you want to project a 3d scene with a possibly dynamic spectator position (think: head-tracker), a 3d calibration is required.

So please give it a spin and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or VIOSO if you encounter any issues or have more specific questions.

Happy mapping!




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