vvvvhat happened in August 2022

September 2, 2022 posted by: joreg

And there goes August,

a month that saw quite some holiday action on our end. Still we found time for a few things I’m happy to fill you in about:

  • Support for Lottie animations has finally landed in preview builds
  • Also in latest previews is a new commandline --nuget-path as discussed in this forum post
  • After identifying the issue, work has started to mitigate framedrops as mentioned in this forum post
  • We’re about to finish work on the Geometry Primitives pullrequest and hope to soon have it merged into latest previews
  • We further continued work on wrapping ImGui and on our projection mapping library VL.Badmapper
  • Work is well under way moving Contributions into a new home…
  • We sat with the FUSE team to figure out best practices for their next steps

Next up: We’re looking forward to the Kairos development camp 1.0 mid of September. Looking forward to see you there!


We received updates to the following:

Plus two new entries in the forum’s work-in-progress section:

REPEAT - by F3


That was it for August. Anything to add? Please do so in the comments!




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