vvvvhat happened in March 2022

April 5, 2022 posted by: joreg

If you’re reading this,

you’re reading it on our brand-new blog. Horray! And as proof you’ve read this, would you mind testing the new comment system? Please scroll down and either just provide a name, or preferrably log-in via your matrix (element) user name and give us a sign…

The blog move marks another big step in our ongoing effort to modernize (eventually) vvvv.org. As you may have noticed by now, we’re in this for the long run. So don’t expect any too quick moves, but the next steps are already in the making.

vvvv gamma 2021.4.8 is out and it is the one with the highest version number ever had! So go for it! And remember how every new release is a good moment to check the validity of your commercial license(s).

We finished the Mastering vvvv for teaching course, releasing 20 newly trained trainers into the wild. And the learnings were definitely not only on the participants side! Great group of people, hope to hear more of some of them soon. Meanshile more learning opportunities are being planned…

Work has started on a new NuGet to cover all things projection-mapping. Currently code-named VL.BadMapper and available as a prerelease, it already gives you an idea of how easy projection mapping can be in 2022 when you have a tool like vvvv at your disposal. More to come…


We got a new one:

and received updates to the following:

Couleurs Sonores by Konstantin Semilakovs


That was it for March. Anything to add? Please do so in the comments!




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