vvvvhat happened in September 2022

October 2, 2022 posted by: joreg

So you’re wondering,

what we were up to in September?! Let me tell you all about it. But first you should know:

There is a 12-part vvvv gamma beginner course starting on October 24th. If you’re still not confident with vvvv gamma, this is for you: Details and Sign-up.

But now really, here’s what we were up to:

  • First, we added a feature to latest previews, that was long in the making: Show & Tell let’s you quickly share screenshots of what you are working on with the world
  • Then we’ve added improvements for Geometry Primitives also to latest previews
  • Also the memory issue identified in this forum post was tackled successfully
  • All along we’re polishing the upcoming 2022.5 preview release and have identified the following 3 killerfeatures for you:
    • Support for ImGui, a library for quickly building complex UI’s
    • Export of console apps to plaforms other than windows
    • Improved support for writing C#, by allowing you to reference C# projects

So stick around and already prepare your friends and family that you’ll need some time to digest those, once they are out…


Many thanks to those of you who help complete vvvv with countless additions!

We got two new ones:

And received updates to the following:

Plus a new entry in the forum’s work-in-progress section:

Colapso - by mpalenque


That was it for September. Anything to add? Please do so in the comments!




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