Introducing: Support for the OSCQuery protocol

October 31, 2023 posted by: joreg

Good day to you!

Here is to introduce support for the OSCQuery protocol that allows you to quickly expose parameters from your patches. Once exposed, your parameters can be viewed and manipulated by any OSCQuery client.

Here’s how it looks:

OSCQuery at work

You configure an OSCQueryServer and then connect any number of Binding nodes to it that each can expose a Channel, where types are currently still limited to OSC compatible types, which means:

  • Primitives (float, string, color, vector,..)
  • Spreads of primitives
  • ValueTuples of primitives

Available now in latest vvvv gamma 5.3 preview downloads.

If the OSCQuery Client app you’re using supports the optional bi-directional features of OSCQuery, you can now control the channel in both directions. One such client would be Chataigne, of which you’ll need a version >=1.9.17b7 to have this working!

What next?

Three things:

We’re hoping to expand this to be able expose not only primitive but also custom datatypes. So instead of having to expose 10 channels of primitives, you could expose a single channel of a more complex datatype and OSCQuery would automagically expose them as individual primitives.

Configuration of parameters should be via ‘Attributes’ on the Channels. Where ‘Attributes’ is a concept you may be familiar with if you’re a C# coder. If not, you’ll have to wait for them to understand how that’s gonna be cool.

And obviously it will become a module for GlobalChannels, so that you’d not have to use the nodes shown above at all to expose channels, but can do that via a few clicks in the Global Channel browser.

How does this compare to RCP?

Glad you asked. RCP is a rather similar idea to OSCQuery. Its current implementation is older than Channels, so doesn’t work nicely with those together yet, but once updated, its basic functionality will be identical to the above. And then more…

For the sponsoring of this open-source development we bow to Refik Anadol Studio.

If you also have a request for custom development, get in touch!




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