vvvvhat happened in April 2023

May 1, 2023 posted by: joreg

We did it!

vvvv gamma 5.0 is out and seems well received. Thanks everyone for your lovvvveley feedback, we’re really happy to hear it also when things work, not only when they don’t work.

If you’re still rather new to vvvv gamma, how about taking the vvvv beginner course, starting May 8th, run by chk of 3e8. There isn’t any more efficient way to get started with vvvv. To get a taste of chk’s teaching style, have a look at his recently released beginner video tutorial series.

If the above course sounds too basic for you, please help yourself to one of the 15! topical workshops, starting this week:

and many more to come.


Many thanks to those of you who help complete vvvv with countless additions! For an overview of libraries available for vvvv start here.

Last month, we got a new one:

We received updates to the following:

Plus a new entry in the forum’s work-in-progress section:

Schéma ICE Light Control Reel by Dominik Jančík


That was it for April. Anything to add? Please do so in the comments!




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