vvvvhat happened in December 2023

January 5, 2024 posted by: joreg

…and a happy new year!

Already save the date: The NODE Institute has announced that there’ll be a vvvv meetup on January 12th!

And also over at The NODE Institute the following webinars are coming up in January:

And there’ll be even more in February!

But before we divvvve deeper into 2024, here is a final review for last year:

  • Minor breaking change: We now have support for GPU< RGBA> which means when using latest 5.3 previews you’ll also need to update to latest VL.Addons and VL.Fuse
  • We’ve massively improved debugging in vvvv. Read all about it in Debug Views
  • We’ve released an initial version of VL.MediaPipe, read more about it in this forum entry

Oh and two suggestions:

  • If you need some patching practice: Genuary is currently running and encourages you to build and share little beautiful things following their prompts
  • Watch this Introduction to FUSE, the clever GPU patching library:


Many thanks to those of you who help complete vvvv with countless additions! For an overview of libraries available for vvvv start here.

This past month, we’ve received two new ones:

And updates to the following:

Plus an update in the forum’s work-in-progress section:

This month we celebrate this beauty shot, posted on our shared madewithvvvv account. Please keep them coming!


That was it for December. Anything to add? Please do so in the comments!




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